Posted by: Rory Brown | January 18, 2011

Summer Isles Hotel in Achiltibuie loses its Michelin star

Disappointing news today that The Summer Isles hotel in Achiltibuie has lost its Michelin star (

The Summer Isles hotel is one of the main draws for high-end tourists to the region and generates a huge amount of publicity for the area. Wherever I go I meet people who have heard of it and have often come to Achiltibuie as a direct result. I hope this doesn’t affect the number of holiday-makers visiting.

It is interesting that the hotel changed hands recently. Indeed I wrote recently about some teething problems that the new owners were having.

I am sure that if they continue to hold on to talented head chef Chris Firth-Bernard that this will only be a temporary blip and the star will be regained shortly.

Good luck to the team there (who dropped me a very nice note after my last post).


  1. Duncan and his wife sent us a card at Christmas to say that as the managers they were also moving on so quite a period of instability at the moment.

    We will be up again In June staying in a local cottage so will have to see what it is like this year.

  2. Thanks Alyson. Lots of instability. I just hope that they get things sorted out and back on an even keel. The hotel has always been a mainstay of tourism in the area and it would be a shame to see it lose the heritage that the Irvine family built up over the years.

    Looking at the Trip Adviser feedback pages it does look as though there have been signs of problems for a while. I don’t remember any complaints previously about the food or the service.

    • We did not eat there this year as we spent a weekend at Scariata House on Harris so did not have time. Must highly reccomend that people buy salads etc from the Achiltibuie hydroponicum

      • That should say Scarista!

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