Posted by: Rory Brown | April 21, 2010

Sea kayaking around the Summer Isles

It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while and at the end of June this year I have finally sorted out a sea kayaking course in Achiltibuie with some friends. We are going to be taught by NorWest Sea Kayaking of Lochinver and I’m really looking forward to it – especially after seeing this video and their encounter with a basking shark…

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  1. What a fantastic video! You’ve done a very wise thing, booking some kayaking with Jules – she’s brilliant, and I don’t think paddling gets much better than around the Summer Isles (but then, I might be biased!). I’ve put a few pictures from recent trips on our site…
    Perhaps we’ll see you when you’re up here one day. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Lizzie,

    It really is something I’ve meant to do for ages. I’ll try to a proper review after the course.

    Not sure how far we’ll get but I’ll wave if we’re passing…


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