Posted by: Rory Brown | August 3, 2009

Major feature film – The Eagle of the Ninth – to be filmed in Achiltibuie

imagesThere is a story in the Times today saying that Achiltibuie has been chosen as the location for a major new feature film – The Eagle of the Ninth – to be directed by Kevin Macdonald (the director of award winning films including Touching the Void, the Last King of Scotland & State of Play).

The film is based on a book by Rosemary Sutcliff and tells the story of the ill-fated Roman 9th legion and their expedition from Hadrian’s Wall to Northern Scotland from which they did not return.

I know that the production company were looking to cast locals for parts in the film and held auditions recently in Ullapool. Canning Tatum & Jamie Bell are set to star.


  1. The producers will be missing a bet if they don`t hire Peter, Midge, Aly and Alasdair for major supporting roles…..

  2. At least the romans could build better roads than the county with David Green leaning on his spade!!!Only joking David
    I live in UIG now and today was my 4year old daughters first day at school and guess what?, the Highland Council are going to shut it down, aye not without a fight we say, remember the skye bridge.
    We need supporters, please send your name for a petition against closure to
    Please ask Dawn in the post office to stick up a support notice, many thanks in advance.

  3. The film is well underway, and bulletins about it as well as much more stuff about Rosemary Sutcliff is at should any of your readers be interested

  4. Thanks Anthony. I’ll check out your site for news. Do you know if a trailer has been released yet?

    • not yet on the web… was shown all over the US with the launch of the recent Tatum Channing film (?Dear John). I have seen it on a laptop – looks great which is yo say Scotland looks great!

  5. […] The Eagle of the Ninth BBC TV film | 1977 | Rosemary Sutcliff Discovery of the Day 30 Mar 2010 Major feature film – The Eagle of the Ninth – to be filmed in Achiltibuie 3 Aug 2009 var mLink = null; var mProvider = null; var mArticle = null; mLink = […]

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