Posted by: Rory Brown | March 2, 2009

Monty Halls’ Great Escape

For anyone who didn’t catch Monty Halls’ Great Escape on BBC 2 last night here is the link to the episode on the BBC iPlayer (which I think only works for viewers in the UK). Some fantastic scenery from the Applecross peninsula.

Those visiting from outside the UK can read a fun review of the programme here.

(Applecross is in Wester Ross but further south from Achiltibuie & Coigach)


  1. regular visitor to beach featured. i was on the beach last year when the “house”was being built.whole area fantastic but not quite as good as Coigach….achnahaird beach easily the best in UK. ….people who flock to Cornish beaches have no idea just how superior the beaches are in west highlands-with scenery and wildlife as the ultimate bonus.

  2. Hi Mike,

    I thought the show was beautifully filmed and I hope it encourages a lot more people to consider the NW Coast for holidays this year. It certainly seems to be getting a lot of press.

    Thanks for dropping by.


  3. Having been up to NW Scotland and the Outer Hebrides for the past 3 years (including a week at your house in Achiltibuie), the programme made me want to get back up that way again before too long (and go back to the Applecross pub for fish and chips!)

  4. Thanks Ben,

    The programme did make me want to be in Achiltibuie – looks like they also caught the weather well when they were filming.
    We still have a few weeks this summer free if you fancy a return to Greenhill…


  5. Here’s the link to the second episode.

    The series is clearly driving a lot of interest in holidays in the NW of Scotland.

    I’m getting huge amounts of traffic to this blog with people searching for further information about Monty Halls, Applecross or just asking “Where is Monty Halls Great Escape filmed”.

    I would imagine that local cottages and houses in Applecross are getting a good level of bookings off the back of the show.

  6. Link to the 3rd & 4th episodes and also an interesting feature from the Times suggesting that the programme is prompting a rush to Wester Ross but also giving a very false impression of crofting life…

  7. I don’t supose anyone has recorded Monty Halls great escape. I have only caught the last two episodes and would have liked to have kept this series


    David Wigmore

  8. I watched the whole series and couldnt wait untill sunday to sit down and be totaly captivated by the sheer beauty of our country, i do alote of hiking in scotland and monty and his team have done us proud.
    Great program

    Well Done

  9. Thanks Dean,

    I watched the last episode last night (here on the iPlayer & while it looked beautiful as always I was starting to get a little irritated with Monty and his 6 month holiday.

    I think the show would have been a lot better if he did have to provide for himself rather than nipping off for a cappuccino or to the pub.

    Having said that the series has clearly raised a lot of interest in visiting the NW Highlands and I am certain that Applecross will be swamped with visitors this summer. Hopefully, a little further North in Achilitbuie the tourist season will also be boosted.


  10. Applecross should be protected from the masses that will now decend on it in my point of view. Monty and the team did a great job and i really looked forward to watching each episode every week. My biggest moan of it all is where were the true Scots in the whole programme?, they were all Southern English from start to finish… a real shame. No wonder the Jocks hate the English (Southern English that is!)

  11. The power house that Monty was so excited to receive is now at the Achiltibuie Garden. We have it on loan, from Steve Husband, and is powering our hydroponic systems.

  12. Great. Hope you’re making good progress with the Achiltibuie Garden & look forward to seeing it next time we’re up.

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