Posted by: Rory Brown | February 3, 2009

Homecoming Scotland 2009

homecoming_2009You may have seen that there has been quite a bit of publicity over recent weeks to promote a year of events aimed at encouraging those of Scottish descent to visit Scotland in 2009. The Homecoming Scotland initiative includes a series of adverts with (amongst others) Sean Connery, Lulu, Chris Hoy & Sam Torrance.

Whilst it’s all a bit twee and predictable – focusing on golf, whisky and Robert Burns the Visit Scotland team have done a good job promoting it and linking together a wide range of events under the Homecoming umbrella. I wish them luck and hope it is successful – they’ve certainly picked a good time to promote holidays in the UK given what has happened to the exchange rate recently.

The Ullapool Book Festival – May 8-10 – is included in the schedule of events alongside several other cultural and outdoor activities.

Visit the Homecoming website for further details.

If you want to see the advert, Caledonia, it is here:

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