Posted by: Rory Brown | November 17, 2008

Holidays in Scotland in 2009?

Achnahaird, just one of the fantastic local beaches near AchilitibuieAchnahaird, just one of the fantastic local beaches near Achilitibuie 


What with the credit crunch, recessions and the terrible exchange rate; more and more of our friends are talking about holidaying in the UK in 2009, & who can blame them? 

If you are planning a UK holiday I can heartily recommend spending it in Achiltibuie – fantastic scenery, stunning beaches, walking, fishing, cultural events, great seafood.. I could go on. Rent a house or a cottage for self catering and you could have a great holiday for less than £100 per head for the week, even in high season!

We have this week opened up 2009 bookings for our house, Greenhill. It is already let for Spring Bank Holiday and for a couple of weeks during the height of summer but there is currently availability over Easter, most of July, a couple of weeks in August and for half term. All accommodation in the area gets booked up early for the peak weeks so don’t hang around – sort out those holidays now!

For full details of Greenhill, pictures and rates please click here.


  1. I’m an American, also named tom, and I lived in Achiltibuie, well, actually lived at Reiff, some 32 odd years ago, but basically knew everyone on the Coigach, or knew of them. Sounds like the area has changed a bit. Very few visitors back then, but a splendid rea for Holiday. I loved the places and people. Then it was only about 200 residents over the 11 mile peninnsula. Visited again, though briefly, in ’82 or ’83. Not much had changed then. In any event, it’s an incredible place to visit or live. Hope to sail there from America someday. To visit old friends, make new ones and see this incredible land and seascape again. Maybe do some kayaking as well.



  2. Thomas,

    Thanks for your visit and perspective on the Coigach. I have been visiting since the early 1970’s & the area seems very much more connected and accessible than it did. I suppose that is the same of most rural communities.

    Hope you make that sailing trip back some day.


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