Posted by: Rory Brown | November 10, 2008

Where is Achiltibuie?

I had a query from an American visitor called Tom asking me to put a map on this site to show where Achiltibuie is. Here you go… click the link below.

Achiltibuie, nr. Ullapool, Wester Ross, Scotland

Tom also asked how to pronounce Achiltibuie – it’s ack-ill-tee-boo-ee.

Postcript: Lesley, in the comments below, explains that the first part of Achiltibuie is a softer sound than I have described. She has done a much better job than I did of trying to write this phonetically.


  1. Hi Rory,

    You are indeed a man of your word. This is a great map. As the saying goes, “I was lost but now I am found”…. Achiltibuie looks like a lovely place.

    Cheers from Seattle, Tom

  2. are there any primary schools,shops etc

  3. Joanne,

    Yes, there is a local school and also a couple of shops in the village.


  4. Re Mr Brown’s advice on the pronunciation of Achiltibuie. ‘Ach’ is NEVER rendered ‘ack’ in Scots or Gaelic, but is a much softer sound.
    Non Scots will get very close to the correct pronunciation by saying ‘ Aa-hill-ti-boo-ee. Germans will do the Ach bit no bother…as in Ach so!

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