Posted by: Rory Brown | August 14, 2008

Rent a holiday cottage in Scotland – you won’t regret it..

I’m very lucky. In my current job I get to travel to a lot of interesting places around the world. And as a family we have also been to some fantastic recent holidays with the kids.


… I can honestly say that the greatest trips we have had over the past couple of years have been in Achiltibuie. Admitedly we’ve been very lucky with the weather the last few times we have been to Greenhill, but even so I have a message for anyone considering a holiday on the continent in the next couple of months – forget it! Rent a house in Achiltibuie instead.

Don’t hang around:

  • Greenhill is currently free at the end of August and in September. (see latest availability here)
  • If Greenhill isn’t available when you want to go there are plenty of other places to rent here.
  • And if you want one final bit of inspiration browse some pictures of the area on Flickr.

Now convinced? Then come for a late summer holiday. You won’t regret it.



  1. I’ve just had an amazing couple of weeks at Greenhill. It was mainly blue skies and the islands looked stunning. The rest of the country was drowning but happily Achiltibuie seemed to be off the radar where bad weather was concerned. The rest of the family is lucky enough to still be there until the end of the month and if the sunshine persists I’m afraid they may never come back… .
    Definitely one of the best holidays I can remember.

  2. Alan,

    Thanks very much for your message. I have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast and enviously looking at that small isolated patch of blue in the far North West.

    Glad you had a good trip – come back again sometime – and if you get a chance post your top tips for other visitors on this site.

    Best wishes,


  3. Hi Rory
    Yes, I will be back. I’m not too sure when, but my time there has left me with an overwhelming desire to return, so you could say I’m hooked. Later today I’ll be happily reunited with with my putative Highland family when I pick them up at Bristol Airport. I’ll post some hot tips for visitors in due course – it could be a lengthy hit list!
    Best wishes

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