Posted by: Rory Brown | August 11, 2008

The best beach in NW Scotland?

The Times has recently been running a series called “Camper Van Man” in which Chris Haslam has been travelling the coast of Britain in search of the best that this country has to offer. In advance of his trip Chris asked readers to recommend their favourite beaches. I suggested Achmelvich, near Lochinver and Chris visited. You can read his report here.

However, Chris reckons that Oldshoremore (pictured above) was his favourite saying that if Carlsberg made a beach it would be Oldshoremore, probably.

I haven’t been to Oldshoremore. It would have to be something really special to beat Achmelvich (or Achnahaird) for me. Any other tips from readers in the area?

P.S. Chris did nominate the B689 – Lochinver scenic route as the best coastal drive.


  1. My favourite is Torrisdale Bay on the north coast – acres of golden sand, two river outfalls including the beautiful Naver, extensive sand dunes, cairns, ruins, lochans, lovely walks, wonderful light quality, stunning when its stormy … just perfect really. Second favourite is Balnakiel.

    Nice site by the way!

  2. Thx Joolz,

    I’d love to further explore the north coast and islands. My problem is that usually by the time I’ve got to Achilitibuie the last thing I want to do is spend more time driving around! One day we’ll take a few months up at the house and really take the time to explore.

    In the mean time – keep ’em coming. What are your recommendations of the best beaches?


  3. Gruinard Bay. On A832 about half-way from Gairloch to Ullapool. 4 beaches separated by rocky headlands at high tide, (but all still accessible on foot) joining to become one massive beach at low tide. Plenty of opportunuties for privacy. Beautiful rock formations. Midge-free except very rarely in windless, overcast conditions. A riot of primroses and other flowers in Spring. Slowly shelving beaches, very safe for children. Car park at southermost section, but no facilities. Caravan/camping park about 2 k. distant, at Laide.

  4. Thanks Peter. We very rarely go round the Gairloch road (only if visiting Inverewe) so haven’t stopped at Gruinard Bay. Sounds lovely though. I’ll have to make a point of visiting next time. Thanks for your comments.


  5. Recently returned from a week in Lochinver , we drove up to oldshoremore to take a look at the beach and have to say it is lovely, But it is not a patch on Achmelvich, This beach in the right weather is almost Mediterranean looking except peaceful ! we also did the coastal drive WOW!! must have shot 2/3 hundred photos Heaven 🙂

  6. Hi Stuart,

    Glad you had a good visit. We were last at Achmelvich in the first week of September and, even though the weather was not that warm, the setting is fantastic and it was practically deserted.

    In spite of the weather the kids just sprinted into the sea

    Thanks for your comments.


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