Posted by: Rory Brown | July 30, 2008

Achnahaird beach – wedding

Achnahaird beach – wedding, originally uploaded by Rory Brown.

Last Friday we spent a perfect day with the family and some friends on Achnahaird beach. While having our picnic and with the kids playing in the sand we started to see a load of people arriving in dresses and kilts and wondered what was going on.

All was revealed when, to the sound of a lone piper, the bride arrived & a beautiful wedding ceremoney started.

They were lucky with the weather but it was an amazing sight & the couple are apparently both from Achiltibuie. Many congratulations to you both – it looked very classy & a lot of fun!


  1. Hello. We are from the Midlands and we are planning on a wedding on this very beach as this is where he proposed! We have tried to contact a registrar in Lochinver but apparently there isn’t one here (the nearest being Ullapool apparently!). Can anyone give us any information about getting married here and what we would need to do/who to contact? Any help would be gratefully received!

  2. Anna,

    I don’t know any of the legal details but the Ullapool News this week carries a note of thanks from the happy couple, Rik & Rowan Johnson. I don’t know them but believe they are from Achiltibuie. A reader of this blog might be able to put you in touch or they shouldn’t be too hard to track down to ask directly.

    Best of luck (we also got engaged on Achnahaird beach in 2000 – must be something in the air!),


  3. Hello,


    It was my sister Rowan that got married. Try celebrants or call the Council offices in inverness as I think you need a special kind of registrar to do outdoor weddings. It was beautiful x

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