Posted by: Rory Brown | May 29, 2008

Coigach, Achiltibuie, Stac Pollaidh & Achnahaird beach

Another video of the area for potential tourists and visitors. Hopefully a bit cheerier than my previous posting..

The video shows the road from Ledmore Junction in to Achiltibuie, Stac Pollaidh, Achnahaird beach and the view over the islands. The gorse is beautiful – makes me really want to be there.


  1. So glad I found this video. It brings back so many amazing memories of my childhood! I was 3 months old when my family started campin hols in the highlands. Driving through the night from Peterborough up the Achnahaird beach campsite! Every June for the next 14 years we spent our hols in the highlands. Campin on loch sides, fishin out at sea, hiring bikes! We always went to the Achiltibuie summer school/village plays. Just love this place.All 5 children in my family will never forget all the fun we had in this remote, beautiful area.

  2. Thanks for visiting Julie. Hope you’ll come back to the area & stay again.


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