Posted by: Rory Brown | April 28, 2008

Local supermarkets, shops and fresh fish

If you’d rather stay in than go to one of the cafes and restaurants in the area then where are the best places to shop around Achiltibuie?

There are a couple of great local stores in the village:

Achiltibuie Stores – has been transformed recently and is now very well stocked with a good range of produce. It is the only source of petrol for 25 miles and also stocks coal and logs. With one weeks notice Achiltibuie Stores can arrange for advance delivery of shopping to your holiday house or cottage ready for your arrival. Their telephone number is 01854 622 496 for any queries.

Polbain Stores – a well stocked general store at the crest of the hill past Badentarbet Pier in Polbain. Again, Polbain Stores can arrange advance deliveries in time for your arrival. They also stock newspapers – which arrive around 11.30 Mon-Sat and a more extensive range of household goods. Telephone number is 01854 622 330.

Achiltibuie Smokehouse – the home of Summer Isles Foods in Altandhu on the road to Reiff. Originally established as part of the Summer Isles hotel by Keith Dunbar and Robert Irvine (a future post to come) the Achiltibuie Smokehouse is now significantly expanded and based in Altandhu. Internationally renowned kippers, smoked salmon and cheese, meats and pates. Not cheap but at least you won’t have to pay the delivery charges everyone else does.. and the food is delicious. You can also have a quick look round the smokery while you’re there. Telephone number is 01854 622 353

Finally, there are lots of fishermen around when the weather is benign. Look out for anyone landing a catch at Badentarbet Pier or more usually at Old Dornie harbour and ask if they are selling. Catches of Summer Isles prawns (langoustine), lobster, spineys (squat lobster) and crab can be found along with a variety of fresh fish. Alternatively you can look out for signs on the road of fishermen selling from their house (there’ll usually be a big pile of lobster pots outside) or ask at one of the stores – they can often arrange delivery.

Anyone selling fish locally is welcome to leave their cotact details for holidaymakers in the comments section below this post.

The nearest supermarket is in Ullapool – currently being transformed from a Somerfield into a Tesco. There are also a wide range of smaller shops and specialist suppliers in Ullapool.

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