Posted by: Rory Brown | April 28, 2008

Listing of restaurants, cafes and pubs in Achiltibuie, Ullapool & Lochinver

Often when visitors come to stay at our house in Achiltibuie they ask for recommendations of local restaurants and cafes to eat at. Holidaymakers have listed their favourites in our visitors book but I thought I would try to collate some of these listings in one place (with the relevant links where I can find them).

High end dining:

The Summer Isles Hotel, Achiltibuie

The Albannach, Lochinver

General restaurants, cafes & pub meals:

Argyll Hotel, Ullapool

Caberfeidh Restaurant, Lochinver

Caledonian Hotel, Ullapool

Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

Dal na Mara cafe, Ullapool – no website. Tea house on the front.

Ferry Boat Inn, Ullapool

Frigate Bistro, Ullapool

Fuaran Bar, Altandhu

Gallery Cafe, Ullapool

Glenfield Hotel, Ullapool

Jade House, (Chinese takeaway) Ullapool

Jasmine India, (Indian takeaway) Ullapool

Kylesku Hotel, Kylesku

Lochinver Larder, Lochinver

Morefield Motel, Ullapool

Royal Hotel, Ullapool

Seaforth Restaurant, Ullapool

Summer Isles Hotel Bar, Achiltibuie

Summer Isles prawns

This list is not meant to be a recommendation. Please could anyone visiting any of these restaurants leave their comments in the comments field below. At some stage in the future I will use these comments to make a recommended list.

Also, if there are any good restaurants or cafes that you come across which are not on this list, please list in the comments. I will add them to the main post.


  1. To clarify this post. We have only personally eaten at The Summer Isles Hotel & Bar; The Fuaran; The Ceilidh Place; The Seaforth; The Morefield & the Lochinver Larder – all of which were great & I would recommend.

    Please add your own tips or ratings for restaurants in this thread.

    Also, a message to any of the business owners listed here. Please feel free to write a little more about your restaurant/pub/cafe. Just make sure that you post openly as the owner so that readers understand your interest.

  2. what about the ‘village green’ cafe @ lochinver ? surprised no mention of this fair trades/ ethical, excellent, coffee and cake shop ! next to spar shop virtually.

  3. Hi Russell,

    I haven’t been to the Village Green cafe but it sounds fantastic. We’ll make sure to visit next time we’re up.

    Any others that I have left off the list?

    Feel free to add in the comments.


  4. hi – just home after a wee visit to lochinver, the caberfeidh has to be the best place for 50 miles or more, had a fantastic meal there, staff excellent, food fantastic – has to recommended – try the catch of the day!!

  5. Just an update for anyone looking for info on The Gallery Cafe, Ullapool.

    We took over the cafe on 15.12.10, For more details please visit our site,

    email –

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