Posted by: Rory Brown | April 25, 2008

My goals for Achiltibuiecottages Blog

I started writing this blog a week ago. It was a spur of the moment decision after returning from a particularly fabulous week away in Achiltibuie.

A few things all came together to make it a great holiday. First off, we caught the weather absolutely right. Anyone familiar with the Western part of Scotland will know what a difference this makes. Secondly, my 2 daughters were at last old enough to wander round on their own outside without constant supervision (other parents will know what a relief this is); and finally we were lucky that my brother and his wife were able to join us for the first time in 10 years. All in all a very restful week.

So why write a blog about the area?

Partly because I thought there was a need for one. I have been coming up to Greenhill, our house, 3 or 4 times a year for the best part of 40 years. When we get to Achiltibuie it is a great antidote to living in London. Big walks, fishing in the lochs or from the seashore, time to read books in front of an open fire, tending to the overgrown garden and the release from a feeling of everyone living on top of one another. Reveling in space and big sky is the real joy. But..

.. occasionally on the days where the weather is bad or we are staying for a while I look around for some new things to do. Increasingly I turn to the Internet for advice and whilst I have found some great sites which focus on the area, the best tips were often written in a scrappy old visitors book which we keep in the house for tenants. I thought I would try to compile some of these suggestions into one place but, even more importantly, encourage readers to leave comments – an on-line visitors book if you like.

Another reason is that I used to work for a media company in London and ran a division which teaches people how to use interactive media and search engines to promote their businesses. In spite of training thousands of big brands and small businesses about blogging and search engine marketing I have never run a blog myself and wanted to see if I could apply some of the lessons I have learned over the past 3 years.

Finally, I am not entirely philanthropic in my goals. I want to encourage visitors to come to the region but I also have a house in Achiltibuie that we let as self catering accommodation. If a small proportion of the people who find this blog are thinking about a holiday in Achiltibuie & then go on to book some time in Greenhill it will be worth the time and effort put in.

So that’s it – AchiltibuieCottages is born & we’ve had 50 people visit in the first week. Thanks.

My goals now are to:

  • Continue to provide useful (and occasionally interesting..) posts which will be of value to visitors.
  • Actively link to great pages of tips and advice – please send me (contact details here) any you come across. And likewise, if you produce pages and think this blog is valuable please set up a link to
  • Encourage reader suggestions of things to do via the comments pages

As search engines start to pick up the content I am hoping to get to 300 visitors in the first month and close to 2,000 by the turn of the year. Ambitious goals but if you link to the site and tell your friends I think they can be achieved.

Thanks for reading so far. I will provide and update of the blog’s progress in about 3 months time and look back on where visitors have come from.



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