Posted by: Rory Brown | April 22, 2008

Top 10 things to do in and around Achiltibuie (part 1)

I have been visiting Achiltibuie with my family since the early 1970’s. Things have changed a bit over the years but there are a few things I try to do regularly. Below are some recommendations for anyone visiting the area:
  1. Tour the Summer Isles on the MV Hectoria. Depending on the time you have the boat leaves from Achiltibuie and stops on Tanera before touring the smaller islands of the Summer Isles. You’ll definitely see seals and if you’re lucky also minky whales, porpoises, dolphins and basking shark. You used to be able to take an evening sea fishing trip as well but I think that was cancelled – shame.. it was lots of fun.
  2. Walk the coastline. Some of my favourite walks are round the point from Greenhill to Badenscalie Bay (usually seals on the way); around Fox Point at Old Dornie harbour (often seen sea otters) and along the top of the cliffs at Reiff to the bothy and sandy bay. (I’ll try to post links in the comments section to any maps of these walks).
  3. Climb Stac Pollaidh. This is not for the faint-hearted and should only really be attempted during reasonable weather. The mountain is iconic for anyone visiting the area and the views from the top are spectacular.
  4. Drive from Achiltibuie to Lochinver. It’s a fantastic, if slightly hairy, drive along some very narrow single track roads and past some breathtaking scenery. When you get there why not take in a great pie – recommended by Michael Winner no less (not sure if that’s a recommendation).
  5. Visit some fantastic beaches. Our favourites are Achnahaird (on the road back to Ullapool) and Achmelvich (North of Lochinver).
These are my first 5. I’ll complete the post with the rest of my top 10 shortly * now posted here *. Bookmark this blog or add to your RSS reader to keep in touch.
What are your recommendations?
(If you are a visitor to the area please also post your tips in the comments below. I hope that this list will grow with your recommendations over time).


  1. Links to some local walks can be found here:

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